Resilience and disaster risk reduction are rapidly becoming part of any intelligent development strategy and RESILIÉNT/CITY helps stakeholders with integrating these concepts into successful and measurable interventions. Without these concepts woven into the work of development actors, hard-won and costly development gains can be easily lost with one large-scale natural- or man-made disaster or a series of sub-catastrophic events. In order to protect against lost funding, development agencies have partnered with RESILIÉNT/CITY on linking resilience and DRR programming to sustainable development and climate change adaptation.

RESILIÉNT/CITY recently completed a consultancy with a regional development agency working on conceptualizing financing durable resilience/DRR projects in South Asian countries that are particularly vulnerable to a broad profile of hazards and exposures. RESILIÉNT/CITY, drawing from its extensive body of research and comparative case studies, tailored a set of case-specific policy interventions that best correspond to national and local political conditions and social constraints.